10 years of Noventiz

Berlin, Federal Printing Office. This was where Markus Höfels and Dr Matthias Niggemann first got to know each other in 2002. They worked together on tamper-proof labelling of one-way drinks packaging. In 2006, they laid the foundation for Noventiz – in 2007, they were joined by Dirk Boxhammer. Today, the three of them manage the corporate group together.

As the competent partner in the disposal industry, Noventiz is always on the side of its customers. Whether implementing and fulfilling legal packaging obligations in Germany and abroad, disposing of manufacturing waste or offering packaging return services over the Internet – Noventiz has spent the last ten years delivering a wide range of solutions as a one-stop shop. However, what is the philosophy behind the successful company?

“We have always seen ourselves as carers,” recollects Markus Höfels. “Our aim was to make waste disposal as simple and understandable as possible for our customers. After all, their core business is something else entirely.”

It all started in 2006 with Sinnova GmbH. This packaging consultancy helped companies to reduce their waste disposal costs. However, Markus Höfels and Dr Matthias Niggemann did not just work out how their customers could dispose of their waste more cheaply but they also helped them with the practicalities. The business model was very well received. “We set up Sinnova when the dual systems were starting to compete in the waste disposal industry. At this time, a great many customers needed help in using the competing systems to best advantage,” says Dr Niggemann.

Acredus GmbH followed hot on the heels of Sinnova: the aim was to create individual solutions for industry-specific take-back systems, so-called industry solutions. Both companies offered a combination of independent advice and advice that was focused on customer needs. The approach created trust – and demand for further disposal solutions grew. This marks the foundation of Noventiz GmbH. On 20 June 2007, it was entered in Germany’s trade register.

The Noventiz concept was remarkably simple: many small packaging volumes together make one large one. At the end of the day, bundling quantities together leads to cost advantages for every single customer. Since then, Noventiz has continued to develop its offer. In 2016, not only was its own take-back system for old WEEE items brought to market, with elektroretoure24, but Noventiz Dual was also approved nationwide as a Dual System. “And so we have now developed into a full-service provider and can offer all disposal services as a one-stop shop,” says Dirk Boxhammer. More than 3,000 customers today use flexible solutions such as this.

What started with a smart and innovative business idea has now grown into a stable and successful company employing around 60 people. In a survey published by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, Noventiz is listed as one of Germany’s top companies, creating a large number of jobs in just a few years and remaining profitable. “Our capital is the many great minds in our company who are continually developing the Noventiz principle,” says Markus Höfels. “And also the rate at which they get things done.”

In 2015, turnover was around 35 million euros. For the future, Noventiz is continuing to focus on innovative ideas, simple implementation and a strong customer focus: “We want to implement business models on the Internet, develop European solutions and push our growth even further. In this way, we can continue to offer our customers optimum disposal solutions.”