We leave nothing to chance.

Certified processes to ensure full customer satisfaction.

Certified to ISO 9001.

ISO 9001 is known worldwide as an international trademark. Noventiz also decided in 2017 to have its own processes and their effectiveness independently audited by industry-experienced auditors.

The accredited organization ESC Cert GmbH certifies Noventiz that the services in the area of ​​nationwide take back and recycling of sales packaging as well as other used products correspond to the international standards as well as the operation of further operational services in the area of ​​disposal. The certificate is valid for both Noventiz GmbH and Noventiz Dual GmbH.


The certificate can be downloaded HERE.

Certified disposal specialist.

BFUB CERT Umweltprüfungsgesellschaft mbH certifies Noventiz that the company fulfills the requirements according to § 56 Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz (KrWG) and the Entsorgungsfachbetriebsverordnung (EfbV) and is entitled to use the term “Entsorgungsfachbetrieb für die abfallwirtschaftlichen Tätigkeiten Handeln und Makeln aller Abfallarten nach aktueller Abfallverzeichnisverordnung AVV” respectively.


The certificate can be downloaded HERE.

Bescheinigung Entsorgungsfachbetrieb

Climate neutral company.

Business activities at Noventiz inevitably generate greenhouse gas emissions. The use of energy and materials in administration, business travel or the work distances of our employees are typical CO2 sources that occur in every business.

With the acquisition of the corresponding climate protection certificates via firstclimate, Noventiz repeatedly supports ecologically and economically sensible projects.


The certificate can be downloaded HERE.

Noventiz handelt klimaneutral, Klimaneutralstellung

Noventiz is a premium supplier to the Barbarossa Bäckerei GmbH.

High customer satisfaction has been a priority of the company since the foundation of Noventiz GmbH. Noventiz is therefore particularly proud of the recent distinction from Barbarossa Bäckerei GmbH. The traditional bakery company from Kaiserslautern (Palatinate region) has named Noventiz a Premium Supplier for the third time in succession – awarding it the top score of 100.


The growing family business, which has around 90 branches, emphasises its “always outstanding partnership-based collaboration” with Jürgen Dedy, Noventiz GmbH project manager. It also praised the “extremely competent advice, outstanding and reliable service, very good emergency support, and a consistently high standard of quality”. The award is the result of an annual internal survey.


Barbarossa Bäckerei has been working with Noventiz since 2011 – currently in the areas of sales packaging compliance and on-site waste management.

Noventiz als Premium-Lieferant der Barbarossa-Bäckerei ausgezeichnet