Opti­mi­se was­te manage­ment with Noven­tiz.

Was­te manage­ment is a com­plex topic. Every fede­ral sta­te has its own laws and ways of imple­men­ting them. It is important to stay on top of things and remain up to date with all the latest infor­ma­ti­on in order to ope­ra­te in com­pli­ance with the law at all times.

Here at Noven­tiz, we have made it our busi­ness to do this job for you – we stay on the ball so you don’t have to. We’ll gui­de you through the legal jungle, redu­cing bureau­cra­cy and secu­ring pro­ces­ses in the cir­cu­lar eco­no­my.

We pro­vi­de fle­xi­ble and cus­to­mi­sed solu­ti­ons – with trans­pa­rent and com­pre­hen­si­ble pri­ces. As we’re an inde­pen­dent full-ser­vice pro­vi­der that tar­gets your spe­ci­fic needs, the advice you recei­ve from us will be com­ple­te­ly neu­tral. For an opti­mal was­te manage­ment solu­ti­on.

Noven­tiz is a Reco­no­my Group com­pa­ny

Reco­no­my is an inter­na­tio­nal cir­cu­lar eco­no­my spe­cia­list that com­bi­nes tech­no­lo­gy, skills and incre­di­ble peo­p­le to build sus­taina­bi­li­ty ‘Loops’ that crea­te cir­cu­lar oppor­tu­ni­ties for busi­ness. Our visi­on is a was­te-free world whe­re resour­ces are con­ser­ved, and eco­no­mic growth is achie­ved through sus­tainable cir­cu­lar means.

Along­side with RLG and Val­pak we ope­ra­te under the Reco­no­my ‘Com­ply Loop’.  As experts in inter­na­tio­nal com­pli­ance, we sup­port com­pa­nies in mas­te­ring the incre­asing­ly com­plex chal­lenges of envi­ron­men­tal legis­la­ti­on. In addi­ti­on to con­sul­tancy regar­ding legal obli­ga­ti­ons, we mana­ge take-back and pro­du­cer respon­si­bi­li­ty sche­mes for bat­te­ries, elec­tri­cal goods, tex­ti­les, pack­a­ging and more.

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Sol­ving incre­asing­ly com­plex envi­ron­men­tal legis­la­ti­on chal­lenges using data, local exper­ti­se and thought lea­der­ship to dri­ve cor­po­ra­te accoun­ta­bi­li­ty glo­bal­ly.


To crea­te a bet­ter pla­net for future gene­ra­ti­ons to enjoy by put­ting sus­taina­bi­li­ty at the heart of every cor­po­ra­te ven­ture.
We want to crea­te a tru­ly sus­tainable world.